We provide support to clients from concept to commercialization. Starting with initial process R&D and Intellectual Property generation, we provide full-service pilot plant design, construction and operation as per client needs. Our team of engineers and operators enable 24×7 pilot plant operations and provide detailed analytics to support the scale-up effort. Our fabrication team provides world-class capabilities in skid-mounted commercial systems on a turn-key basis on accelerated construction schedule and provide better quality systems at significantly lower costs.


From fuels, commodity chemicals, specialty chemicals, consumer products to renewable chemicals, our team has helped Fortune 500 companies with process development for new technologies as well as for improving existing production facilities. We have the best in the world capabilities in reactor design, separation system design, process intensification and process optimization. We generate critical Intellectual Property for our clients.


We have world-class capabilities in pilot plant design, construction and operation. Our dedicated team of engineers can help you design your next pilot plant for successful scale-up at an accelerated pace. We offer skid-mounted pilot plants fabricated at a dedicated construction facility as well as the option to operate the pilot plant on a tolled basis. Our staff includes process engineers, operators and analytics personnel.


With on-site construction costs soaring, skid-mounted equipment systems provide a better, cheaper and faster option to control cost and schedule. Our skid-mounted systems will reduce construction costs by at least 30% and implementation time reduction of 50%. They provide higher quality performance with better safety since skid-mounted systems are constructed in a controlled environment. We can supply commercial scale skid-mounted equipment all the way from 10 tons/day to 1,000 tons/day. Skid-mounted systems include: reactors (fixed bed, stirred tanks, fluidized bed), separation systems (extraction, distillation, adsorption) as well as special purpose systems.


Our multifunctional team has world-class capability to help clients execute from R&D to pilot plants all the way to commercial plants at an accelerated pace using systematic process development for safer and cost-efficient design and scale-up.

Process Engineering

  • Conceptual process design
  • Generate new intellectual property
  • Process simulation
  • Equipment design and sizing
  • Process economic analysis
  • Guidance for laboratory effort

Pilot Plants

  • Design translation to pilot
  • P&IDs
  • Piping diagrams
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Flow modeling
  • Detailed process simulation
  • Automation and controls
  • Tolling services with 24×7 operations
  • State of the art analytics

Commercial Equipment and Skids

  • Detailed engineering
  • P&IDs
  • Electrical line drawings
  • Customized control hardware
  • Control system design and integration
  • Skid-mounted construction
  • Factory acceptance test

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